Silver Dagger Book Tours

Silver Dagger Book Tours

So, you’re a new author who’s just published your first book and now you need to get the word out. You find that most marketing strategies are expensive and you just don’t have the funds to make it happen. So where do you turn? You turn to Silver Dagger Book Tours.

Silver Dagger is the brainchild of someone who was an avid reader, turned book blogger. In an effort to showcase the books she’d read over the years, she decided to set up a blog and set to work on creating a wonderful space for those who shared her passion. As time went by, she came up with a way to help authors get the word out about their books and the rest is history.

Maia works hard to create book tours that are both creative and affordable. Unlike most sites, she doesn’t have any set rates for her tours. She understands that not everyone can afford the same thing and works with authors to come up with a plan that works for both parties.

Silver Dagger Book Tours works directly with authors, but works with publishing companies as well. Whether they be big or small, or even indie publishers, she knows how to set up a tour that works for everyone involved.

Silver Dagger showcases fiction of all genres. They will also do tours for works of non-fiction if they find it interesting enough. The one thing they do require is that the authors do a book giveaway as an incentive to get the word out to a broader audience. After all, who wouldn’t like the chance to win free books? 

This site also works with book bloggers wanting to get in on the action. Maia has set up a master list to help get the word out about all her tours. If you’ve got a book blog and want to be included, sign up and get started. Be sure to read all the guidelines to make sure you and the author get the best exposure. 

If you’re not ready to join a tour and just want to find some new books, check out their tour page or follow them on Twitter to read more about their current tours. There are tons of giveaways to be found. 

Whether you’re an author, a blogger, or just an avid reader, check out Silver Dagger Book Tours. There’s a little something for everyone. 


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