Rebecca Ridge-Erotic Romance Author

I have a great admiration for anyone who writes erotica. I’ve tried writing erotica, and though I pride myself on NOT being a prude, I still find it very intimidating. But recently I met an amazing writer who has built her career on writing erotic romance and she’s very good at it. Allow me to introduce you to author Rebecca Ridge.

Rebecca lives in Yorkshire, England with her family and fur babies. She’s been writing since she was a kid and is a prolific reader, as well. Since December of 2019, she’s uploaded a total of 10 books to her Amazon profile. Many of her books are shorter works, but still just as intriguing as her full-length novels.

Recently, 2 of her books were awarded prizes in the 2020 Golden Pigtails Smut Awards. Captivated took 3rd place in the BDSM category and A Very Merry Submission took 3rd in the Holiday Themed category.

Besides being a prolific book writer, Rebecca is also the voice of Lilith. A character she’s created for the collaborative writing platform The Darkened Veil. Along with author Tyler Wittofsky, Rebecca hosts a podcast that offers insights into the creative writing process. They discuss topics such as creating fantasy worlds and writing dialogue, as well as interviews with guest hosts. It’s a great way to get inside the minds of some of today’s top writers.

You can check out more of Rebecca’s book on her Amazon Author’s Page or follow her on Twitter. If you’re in the mood for a steamy read, Becky’s got just the bedtime story for you.


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