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Fantasy Author C.S. Ratliff

If you were a new author, would you shoot for the moon and create a full series of books? Well, that’s exactly what author C.S. Ratliff set out to do…and achieved.

Growing up with an overactive imagination, C.S. has always had a love for the fantasy realm. After reading his first fantasy book as a small child, he knew that this was something he wanted to do. Between his young teenage years and into the first of his adult years, he trained in the martial arts. From there, he did 4 years in the United States military. This gave him the tools he’d need to help bring his books’ hero to life.

His first novel, The Lightning Rod, was published in 2019 and was the beginning of his series, Gnariam’s Fate Saga. Next came the 2nd installment, The Thunder King, followed by the 3rd installment The Tempest Fate published in 2021. The 4th and final installment, The Shattered Aether, is set for publication in the summer of 2022.

Once the series is complete, Mr. Ratliff is planning a 7-book spin-off series and a trilogy prequel. In other words, Gnariam’s Saga may be finished, but the story’s just beginning.

C.S. has also written as characters in a few of the online collaborative sites, helping to create the sites Legends of the Veil and Myths of Darkness. He brings his characters to life with both superhuman strengths and typical human vulnerabilities. 

Even with all this, C.S. goes out of his way to try and connect with writers who share his love of fantasy and the writing process as a whole. He’s created a Discord server specifically for fantasy writers as he loves hanging out with like-minded people.

C.S. Ratliff has no intentions of slowing down and has one piece of advice for anyone thinking about setting out on their own novel journey, “Do it. If you want to do it, know your reason, be realistic with your expectations, but don’t back away. Write your story.” 

Check out the Gnariam’s Fate Saga series and see for yourself what happens when a would-be author jumps in with both feet. Or meet up with the author on Twitter or Instagram and enter the mind of a fantasy author. 


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