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So, you’ve finished your novel and you’re ready to send it off to the world. Or are you? Are you sure you’ve caught all the typos and punctuation errors? Are you sure your story flows from beginning to end? Are you sure it’s ready to send out to the masses? Are you ready to have your book professionally edited? Then check out Aisling McKay Editorial.

Aisling is more than just an editor, she’s an avid book reader. She’s helped polish several full-length novels, as well as two online magazines. With more than 20 years of writing experience under her belt, she knows how to turn a great story into an epic journey.

Her goal isn’t to change your story, but help it stand out. She prides herself on her ability to polish the story without changing the author’s voice.

Aisling McKay Editorial offers an array of editorial services. Choose from proofreading to a full editing package. Prices depend on the number of words in your manuscript. Have some questions? Send Aisling a message through her contact form or email her with your inquiries.

If your book is ready for the next step, check out Aisling McKay Editorial for all your editorial needs. Don’t give the world a good story, give them a great one.


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